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I started this topic because a lot of opinions are circulating about Maxorman penis enlargement pills in the end and I decided to try them and ....... Are these pills effective? Where to buy original ones, did they help someone, etc ... write. What's better, these Maxorman or vacuum pumps. I checked it and this ... First, I started by measuring my penis, then with the most popular method, i.e. the pump, I bought a good model with a blood pressure monitor for 139.99. I started using it after inserting the penis, I was gradually pumping out the air from the bottle. The member has grown by about 2 cm, but only in circumference - nothing in length. After about 30 minutes, it returned to its previous state. I repeated this action every day for a week, hoping for a lasting effect, unfortunately, after about 30 - 40 minutes, the penis returned to its previous state. The conclusion in my case, the pump, indeed, quite significantly deteriorated the member but only for a short time. As for the elongation, I didn't notice a difference. Another way of Maxorman tablets in the promotion price of 99 plus shipping. On the package it was written to use 1 a day I took 2 to speed up the effect. After about a week something started to happen, I felt a constant desire for sex. Even though I have a woman, I had to masturbate to relieve the tension. I also felt a tingling and throbbing blood in my penis. I noticed that the penis was noticeably thickening even without an erection. In the erectile state, the penis was lengthened. After emptying the package of this Maxorman about a month and a half, I made exact measurements in the erectile state while watching porn :)). After Maxorman, the thickness increased by 2.3 cm in circumference when measured with a tailor's ruler and by 2.7 cm in length. At that time, I was only using these Maxorman tablets. I am thinking of repeating the treatment while using a pump. Write about your experiences.

Similar pump experiences

I was buying various penis enlargement pills before this Maxorman appeared on the market in Poland and I find that I did not notice any difference after a few months of taking it Only what is it after the vacuum pump, the penis actually grew, but after about 20 uses, unfortunately, my blood vessels at the base of the penis and during use the penis no longer grew as before and, what was worse, it became shapeless, ie wider at the base. I bought these Maxorman tablets and you can say they fixed my penis as well surprisingly, the penis has grown as at the beginning of the pump, but without such hardcore. After these One thing I can advise is to avoid push-ups, especially the cheapest ones from the auction.

 penis pump photo

I am waiting for a reliable opinion

And how much did you enlarge your penis with these Maxorman?

Maxorman strange effect

Maxorman is the only working tablets you can buy in Poland. I take it simultaneously with a lot of zinc and vitamin B12. I am finishing the treatment soon, but I can already see that the penis is clearly thicker and longer, about 2.5 cm when erect. Because the problem with my penis was that it is generally massive and quite long for the state of rest, I think that 10cm is not so bad, but in the erectile state it did not increase much except for stiffening, it did not change much. From what I heard, it was resting Many of these pills have enlarged the penis and for me the other way around. But OK.

Expander from the USA

I do not believe in such measures, I prefer the expander, it is a special device in the form of a scaffold placed on the penis, I have a model with golden joints and it works sensational, I brought it from the USA for about PLN 600. I pulled my penis almost 3cm in 2 months. If anyone is interested, I can resell for half the price, write. There are expanders at auctions in Poland for PLN 100 I have seen but this crap will fall apart after a week and certainly will not stretch the penis.

Store where they have the real Maxorman?

Is there a store where you can buy original Maxorman tablets ?? only found this one.

 tabletki maxorman

Maxorman positive opinion

I will not list what pills I bought before for penis enlargement but I will say one thing, they were all worth shit !!. Only when I came across Maxorman after the entire treatment and the rigorous regularity of taking every day, the penis really grew also swollen, which was what I cared most about because the length is rather appropriate, unfortunately, it was damn thin, which made it look strange - in the erect state, the head, much larger than the body, literally looked like a mushroom. After these tablets, the body seemed to gain mass and elongation and the head remained almost unchanged. So that's what I meant. I recommend

I answer the question

I bought it from the store you showed in the picture - they have 100% original Maxorman. I can recommend, the package came after 2 days, someone sends it in Poland. I can see that this is a branded real product. I take the second week and I can see that it is starting to be fine :)

 gdzie kupić maxormana

I confirm they have the original Maxorman

I bought a package there, the truth is sent in Poland, the goods are ok. Maxorman tablets are real

Note, do not buy others

I bought penis enlargement pills from a different company, which advertised so much in paid googles on the front page and I was very pissed off because I was cheated by fractures. I am wondering about these Maxorman now, but I am afraid if I will get fucked again and will they work?

 photo of a bodybuilder who not only uses different supplements but also
  buys maxorman tablets at a good price

I only recommend Maxorman

Unfortunately, no Polish tablets will enlarge anyone's penis because they cannot !!!! I bought Maxorman right away for less than PLN 120 and I'm fucking happy. I intend to repeat the treatment in 3 months with the second package because I have just read on the forums in the UK that you can maximum two and we will see how much more I can squeeze and it is literally no expense. It is a pity that you cannot order two packages at once - they only sell one, it would be cheaper once per shipment and I order to Sweden. Anyone know why you can only buy one ?.

People get treated

For me, the most important thing in a relationship is size doesn't matter when there is love. My penis is only 11cm and to see what a beautiful wife I have, all my friends envy me.

 my love for wife and sport beautiful picture

Maxorman and steroids at once

Anyone taking Maxorman simultaneously with steroids? Are there any side effects?

Maxorman Tajfun Poppers

I don't know about coke, but I was taking it with a typhoon and nothing was happening. Apart from one, I had to shake capuchin every day because these pills are so pounding in the libido that there was no way out. It's a bit of a hassle. I can see that the penis is clearly increasing in size. The treatment lasts only 3 weeks. By the way, I have a question does anyone remember something called Poppers? it used to be bought in sex shops but has recently disappeared I asked sellers why they said that they were withdrawn from sale because they put legal highs on the list. And it was a great measure, I remember, it was a lot of fun but it gave a sharp boost in sex.

Maxorman plus Pump

Has colleague Admin finally tried using this Maxorman with a pump? I was very interested in it, because maybe it would intensify the effect of these tablets, only 2 cm in length and a bit in thickness. I would have liked more since I spent so much time taking it regularly.

Maxorman photo

I dispel my doubts, this is how the real original Maxorman tablets look like, all others are fakes that you buy at your own risk. The original sells only one store in Poland.

 photo of an amateur maxorman tablets


People don't spend money on some pills. I prefer bitches. And for alcohol For tampons We've come ... from you

Maxorman positive opinion

From 11 cm to 14 in erection, these pills saved my dignity, you do not even realize how it was embarrassing for me to draw a bird next to a woman. For me, these maxorman pills are the best thing I have ever bought and it's not about advertising them, because there are probably better ones that work, but that it is a product that did what it should and everything.


These tablets in the picture above are the original Maxorman, the same I bought 2 years ago, now I ordered in this store in Poland because I am here permanently and the treatment will be repeated because some time has passed. In my opinion, these pills, apart from others that you can only buy, are the most effective for possible penis enlargement in Poland. The composition of these tablets is awesome but thanks to that they are effective.

Continuous erection at night when taking Maxorman

Has anyone had that during the treatment with these Maxorman tablets he experienced night erections? I have been using it for over a month, I see the positive effect of my penis actually growing but I wonder why when I sleep and wake up I still have an erection at night. there are still some erotic dreams. Will it pass after treatment?

read the leaflet

All you need to do is kick your horse and your night adventures will end. Testosterone gives a sharp kick during treatment.

why nothing works for me

In my case, so far no tablets have worked, I have already undergone 3 different treatments, I spent over 250 USD and nothing even the penis twitched, I guess I'm a hopeless case

possible cause

It depends on what tablets you bought and where. If Maxorman does not help and they are the strongest you can buy, you can try the push-ups as a last resort, but I doubt if you will get something, I have read that there are cases of people whose anatomy of the corpora cavernosa of the penis does not allow for proper stretching, so it does not occur pumping and consolidating more blood in them and thus enlarging the penis.

Maxorman treatment

I have a question, how much did you get the most out of these Maxormans? I was taking one tablet a day for 3 months and I was taking care to have frequent erections, every other day I was masturbating, I was taking protein proteins at the same time because I work out in the gym 2 times a week and I run almost every day as is the weather. I only have sex with my girlfriend on Saturdays and Sundays when we see each other. At least 2 each time times I can do it, although I have to admit that I want to do much more often. My result is 3.2 cm in length and 0.7 cm in thickness. The member looks normal, that is, it has kept its natural shape. My age is 27, weight 78 kg, height 176 cm. I finished the treatment on 2 months ago, I measure my penis once a week, and the result persists. Libido is back to normal, i.e. it has decreased, I don't have to masturbate so often anymore. Sex is as before and during treatment. I didn't notice any side effects. Write how it was with you.

 after treatment with maxorman I was successful in women, this is proof

I do not recommend

I had a man with a really big penis, it was very painful for me.

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